Backtesting a mean reversion strategy in python

Hi all, welcome back. Once we have the script working for a single input of one pair of symbols, we can very easily adapt it at the end to work with the symbol pairs function created previously. Use the hedge ratio to generate the spread between the two prices, and then plot this to see if it looks in any way mean reverting. We will also calculate the Hurst exponent of the spread series.

Master beekeeper

The purpose of the Master Beekeeper certification program is to identify and certify people who have a detailed knowledge of honey bee biology, expertise in the proper practices of beekeeping, and can present this information to the beekeeping and non-beekeeping public in a detailed, accurate, clear and authoritative manner. The goal of this program is to certify that those who are awarded the Master Beekeepers Certificate are competent at a college level in the four areas where they are tested. The certification program will be conducted in conjunction with the annual EAS Conference.

Openhab2 wiki

The wiki page here contains outdated documentation for the older openHAB 1. Please be aware that a lot of core details changed with openHAB 2 and this wiki as well as all tutorials found for openHAB 1. If you are completely new to openHAB 1.